Heart & Sold

Heart & Sold welcomes new Canadian artist Max Peters
/ 11 / 06 / 2020 /

The vibrant, expressive quality of Heart & Sold’s new Canadian artist Max Peters artwork, perfectly reflects the energy and passion of this all-action adventurer, who loves to travel and open himself up to new experiences.

Max’s talent for art was first discovered when he started painting after a spell of bad health. Having made a full recovery, painting, which had started as therapy and an aid to recovery, has now become an important form of self-expression. While Max is non-verbal, his work allows him to communicate his experiences, while offering a beautiful insight into his colourful view of the world and a snapshot of the joy and happiness he feels when creating his pieces. His favourite medium is acrylic on canvas.

Read more about Max and view his artworks in our ‘Artists’ section.


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