Heart & Sold

Suzie Moffat
Director and Founder

Suzie has a background in design, project management and curating. In the past she has worked with North West Arts and the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester.

A graduate in Museum and Exhibition Design, Suzie has a passionate interest in psychology and the relationship between art and mind.

She feels very strongly that artwork produced by artists with a disability or condition stands on its own merits. It should not be treated any differently from other artists’ work in terms of respect, an honest critique or its worth.

Heart & Sold is an initiative she holds very close to her heart.

Emma Lambert
Public Relations and Support

Emma’s background is in public relations. She worked for one of Manchester’s biggest agencies for over fifteen years, delivering successful campaigns for national events and consumer brands.

She is now committed to raising the profile of Heart & Sold; and loves working with the artists and their families to get their stories and work shared more widely – giving them the audience that their huge talent deserves.

Mum to three children, including Lottie, who has Down Syndrome, she is also passionate about raising positive awareness of the condition.

Paul Moffat

Paul, Director and Founder of Paul Moffat Photography, has been a respected photographer for more than 20 years. His eye for detail and perfectionist approach are in demand for projects ranging from the biggest ‘blue chip’ marketing campaigns to quirky one–off commissions.

Paul enjoys capturing Heart & Sold artists’ personalities in his shots, particularly in their home environments. Being repeatedly impressed by the visual quality of the artists’ work himself, Paul loves to see the public reaction to its high quality presentation and unexpected insights.

Professionally and personally, Paul remains deeply committed to Heart & Sold. 

Matt Maurer
Creative Partner

Matt, Director and Founder of Mr.M ideas studio, has been integral in the development of Heart & Sold from the earliest stages, helping to bring the initial creative idea to life.

Now as creative director of Mr.M ideas studio, Matt is committed as ever to ensuring that the brand continues to grow, constantly reflecting Heart & Sold’s passion and professional approach to ever–wider audiences.

From a personal point of view, Matt believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing how ideas can support and encourage artists to succeed. Mr.M is delighted to supply the team with a solid creative platform, to help drive Heart & Sold forward and bring more artistic talent to the world’s attention.