Heart & Sold


Andrew Weatherly – Heart & Sold Artist, based in New Jersey USA: Heart & Sold provides me with the opportunities to share my arts in the UK and with artists from all over the world. The organization is a remarkable link to learn more about other artists… and has provided me with incredible opportunities to launch my artwork in venues that would not have been available to me individually. Heart & Sold provides exposure to exhibit and opportunities to work with terrific people who believe in abilities. Having my work with this gallery has definitely strengthened my self-confidence as an artist. It offers me so many paths to develop and explore. Being part of Heart & Sold is amazing. It stands for sharing art, with no boundaries or limits.

David and Mary Lodge – Parents of Christopher Lodge, Heart & Sold Artist, based in Telford UK: We are so pleased with the way that the Community Interest Company has helped our son Christopher to have his artwork displayed in impressive exhibitions both in England and in New York. Each time we have met and seen the work of other artists with Down syndrome from all over the world, and Christopher has been greatly stimulated and encouraged by the experience.

Chris writes: Dear Suzie. Thank you for the work you and Paul did to show people my paintings. its great. Love from christopher.

Akinola and Ifedola Olojo –  Siblings of Teniola Olojo – Heart & Sold Artist, based in Kaduna State Nigeria: Heart & Sold is reinforcing the awareness that individuals with Down Syndrome can promote their talent through art at globally-competitive levels. It has created opportunities for audiences across the world to gain access to the beauty and creativity reflected in the artworks of Teniola Olojo along with other artists. There are very few voices out there speaking on behalf of artistic individuals with Down Syndrome and Heart & Sold has provided a unique platform that breaks the silence and fills a critical gap. It is an opportunity to be part of a global community of individuals who share similar ideas and values in relation to how individuals with Down Syndrome can be supported and promoted.

Julie Webster – Mum of Josie Webster, Heart & Sold Artist, based in Sydney Australia: I have learnt through meeting the other parents involved with Heart & Sold that we are all very like minded in encouraging our children to try new things and ignore boundaries. The Heart & Sold inititave embodies this view in providing a platform to showcase the successes of the artists that have gone the extra mile and put in the work with the support of encouraging parents who have continually had to think outside of the box and not be part of the status quo. There is great merit in this in respect of advocacy.

Wendy O’Carroll – Mum of Oliver Hellowell – Heart & Sold photographer,  based in Somerset UK: I believe the important thing here is the existence of an organisation whose sole purpose and function is to celebrate and promote the art and talent of individuals with Down Syndrome. We have enjoyed feeling ‘part of’ something and are grateful for the opportunities and contacts sought out by Suzie with which to promote all the artists. I think the benefits of having an organisation which represents this group of artists as a whole is not to be underestimated – there is nothing else like it.