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Suzie Moffat Comments on Heart & Sold Hitting the Headlines!!
/ 16 / 09 / 2013 /

I am stunned how Taz’s interview with her local paper has exploded!  At this point I have said very little, due to the fact it was a genuinely innocent and kind gesture made prior to the birth. True, we told the Down Syndrome Association but I never approached the newspapers as I was busy nursing a newborn.

I was pregnant when Kate was carrying young George and therefore feeling incredibly maternal, empathetic to her early symptoms, with babies very much on the brain. When privy to a glimse of Tazia’s ‘Rupert’ painting, I immediately thought it would look great in a nursery, especially our future monarch’s.

The press articles are varied, colourful and sometimes fictitious, but all hugely positive so I have no complaints. Sweeping statements to the press are not my thing, although I did enjoy reading in cafemom.com….

“Will paintings from other artists represented by Heart and Sold start flying off the shelves now, just like every dress Kate wears? I don’t know — it would be amazing if they did! But at the least, I think it’s probably their hope that this gesture helps change a few people’s perspective.

In this I certainly hope.

For all my hopes in regards to Heart & Sold, please read my article published in this years Downs Syndrome Association’s Journal. Cheers.

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