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Online triumph for Heart & Sold
/ 06 / 02 / 2013 /

Another triumph for Heart & Sold made possible by Music.

Music receive all our thanks for their design and development of the brand new interactive website, fitted with on-line store, details of our artists, a news section and information on past and future exhibitions. This will allow everyone to keep up to speed with our progress.

Soon after the Pilot it became very clear to Heart & Sold Director, Suzie Moffat that people around the country were keen to see and buy artworks by Heart & Sold Artists. Although plans had begun for a touring exhibition, there was clearly a demand that needed addressing immediately.

So Suzie provided Matt Maurer, a senior designer at Music (and fellow director of Heart & Sold) with a brief, and only days later the structure for a fully interactive website started to take shape.

We would like especially to thank Matt, Dave Ashman, David Simpson and everyone at Music for their time and incredible vision.

Ideas By Music website

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