Heart & Sold

Irish Artist joins Heart & Sold Collective
/ 27 / 02 / 2015 /

Heart & Sold would like to introduce visual artist, film maker and musician, Fionn Crombie Angus from County Clare in the West of Ireland.

Fionn’s interests include mythology, wild life and traditional Irish music. (He is an accomplished fiddle player.)

Fionn gives illustrated talks about animals to school children, and has been recognised by the Heritage Council as Ireland’s youngest Natural Heritage Expert.

Most of his drawings and paintings, as well as his videos, have been collaborations with his father, Jonathan. They call their ongoing project Fionnathan Productions.

One of the messages they share is that ‘disability’ only happens when you don’t have the help you need. And, conversely, that every one of us is made ‘able’ through the support of others.

To read more about Fionn then please visit our artists page or visit and support his community Facebook page… Fionnathan Productions.

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