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Heart & Sold presents new film ‘Artists in Lockdown.’
/ 17 / 06 / 2020 /

As the world went into a global lockdown, we invited Heart & Sold artists to participate in a film that aimed to capture how this forced period of isolation had impacted on their lives, work and wellbeing.

Today, we are proud to release Artists in Lockdown, created in collaboration with filmmaker Chris Kenward (whose brother David is featured in the film), that explores the lives of fifteen artists from seven countries, examining how this global pandemic has affected their work.

The film sensitively delves into their stories of lockdown, how they have adapted their practice or found a new one and how they continue to find a voice through art. We hope you enjoy this incredibly moving and compelling film and help us spread awareness for Down syndrome and the notion that no matter who you are, art comes from the heart. #artistsinlockdown

Five minute Film – Artists in Lockdown

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