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Heart & Sold Go Down Under
/ 11 / 01 / 2015 /

Heart & Sold are delighted to welcome emerging artist Josie Webster to our international collective of artists.

Not yet 18, Josie is proving to be quite the sensation ‘down under’ having developed her own community facebook page


The number of followers to her page is increasing daily,  her skills as an artist instantly recognised and appreciated.

Her natural talent was highlighted when she began a mainsteam painting and drawing class soon after leaving school. It was apparent that Josie had a formidable artistic sensibility and talent for drawing landscape.

We are very excited to now be working with Josie and her family, based in Sydney Australia and thank them all for getting involved.

To read more about Josie and to see examples of her paintings, you can find her in our ‘Artists’ section with an opportunity to buy Heart & Sold limited edition prints of her work.

Article on Josie Webster by Daily Mail Online

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