Heart & Sold

Heart & Sold documentary maker selected for Screen Action Young Persons Film Festival
/ 20 / 10 / 2012 /

The Lighthouse, a short film by Rory Davies, about a lighthouse keeper who is bewitched by a mermaid at the stroke of midnight, was selected for screening and shown as part of the Screen Actions young person’s film festival at The Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay on Thursday 8th November 2012. This 20 minute short film was inspired by a trip to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, when the circular kitchen exhibit from Godrevy Lighthouse really fired Rory’s imagination, and a detailed storyboard soon followed. The resulting film took two months to make.

Lighthouse is the latest in a series of short films Rory has been creating over the last three years. He’s also an accomplished stills photographer, winning the Down’s Syndrome Association’s My Perspective photographic competition in 2010 for his Sun photo. He was a runner-up with Wire, Hurt Yourself and shortlisted again last year for Storm Coming.

His films include:

Appleland – Stop animation made and narrated by Rory, a story of an apple and a tomato, separated and then reunited.

Oblivious Buzz – An excellent practice piece.

Forests and Castles  – A dark fairy tale of lurking danger and ultimate rescue.

Rory describes the camera as “a machine for my eye”; film, photography and art are a central part of his home-based education and he takes his inspiration from the Cornish landscape and the people around him. Currently he is working on a film project for the Cloud 9 film festival.

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