Heart & Sold

Heart & Sold Continues to go International with New Hawaii Photographer.
/ 05 / 11 / 2013 /

Rachel Handlin, Photographer.

Rachel was born in New York City, grew up in California and moved full time to Hawaii in 2009. New York remains her second home, and Paris is her third.

Rachel connects deeply to Keith Haring and, even more, to Andy Warhol.

She is a talented young photographer who is already developing her own visual voice; some of her best photographic works display strong Pop Art influences.

Her representational drawing style is primitive and raw and, according to her art teacher, reminiscent of Basquiat.

Those styles are not affectations, because Rachel is the most un-affected person you will meet. They are manifestations of who she is. Rachel sees, hears and experiences the world uniquely, her recordation and renderings of the world are equally unique.

Her work will be showcased at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester from November 27th and available to see and purchase on the Heart & Sold website soon!

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