Heart & Sold


Rory Davies

Rory the artist

A trip to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth inspired 16 year-old Rory to create Lighthouse, a 20 minute documentary film, which was shown during the “Heart & Sold’ pilot.  This short film was inspired by a trip to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, when the circular kitchen exhibit from Godrevy Lighthouse really fired Rory’s imagination, and a detailed storyboard soon followed.

Lighthouse is about a lighthouse keeper who is bewitched by a mermaid at the stroke of midnight. The resulting film took two months to make.

Lighthouse was the latest in a series of short films that Rory had created over a three year period. He’s also an accomplished stills photographer, winning the Down Syndrome Association’s My Perspective photographic competition in 2010 for his Sun photo. He was runner-up with Wire, Hurt Yourself and shortlisted again the following year for Storm Coming.

Other films include:

Appleland – Stop animation made and narrated by Rory, a story of an apple and a tomato, separated and then reunited.

Oblivious Buzz – An excellent practice piece.

Forests and Castles  – A dark fairy tale of lurking danger and ultimate rescue.

Rory describes the camera as “a machine for my eye”; film, photography and art are a central part of his home-based education. When not working on his visual projects, Rory also loves horse riding and training his dog Bruno to perform amazing tricks.