Heart & Sold


Janine Beatson

Janine the Artist

Countryside Walk

Chromaluxe print

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Janine lives a fully independent life in Sheffield with the aid of support on some days to enable her to access facilities outside her local area. Whilst she loves all kinds of visual art, photography is her favourite. Her talent and commitment have earned Janine a grade A in GCSE photography, plus an NFCE Level 1&2 in drawing.

Nature is a strong theme in Janine’s work: “I like taking photos of landscapes while on holiday and close-ups of flowers.” She also loves paintings of countryside, animals and water – Janine is particularly fascinated by lakes and
reflections in water.

Telling jokes and funny stories of people’s mishaps on holiday is another delight for Janine. But the best thing in her life? No question, it’s Janine’s family. If there is any hint of a reason to arrange a family get together, Janine is the first one to organise it.

“I always love my beautiful family, especially I love my sister so much, she is the one I love.”